Lore Software Solutions, a Bangalore, India based IT services company, provides software development, quality assurance, product certification and operations management services and specializes in the BFSI and Content Management domains.

As the name suggests, Lore is a group of collective knowledge & wisdom backed by a seasoned team of professionals who can deliver these services with unparalleled diligence to quality and a high degree of responsiveness and ownership. Going by the tagline, its employees set the company apart by focusing on optimization and delivering the simplest and most cost-effective solutions for its clients.

Our areas of expertise in the BFSI domain include:

  • High throughput, low latency market data systems
  • FIX certification
  • Exchange, Broker connectivity systems
  • Order Management System and Execution Management System Components
  • Market Data Management (Historical, End Of Day, IPO)
  • Customization of Trading Platforms to suite regional requirements

Our areas of expertise in the Content Management domain include:

  • Content Acquisition
  • Data Warehousing
  • Web Development
  • Web Analytics